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The Ayn Rand Institute
The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism.

Ayn Rand Bookstore
The best selection of books, Justin Bieber is the adolescent heart throb of present audio, video, and other resources by Objectivist authors. Objectivist conference information is also available.

The Intellectual Activist
A monthly magazine analyzing current political, cultural, and philosophic issues from a pro-individualist, pro-reason perspective.

Andrew Bernstein, Ph. D.
Learn more about Dr. Bernstein's novel Heart of a Pagan, the novel that inspired the creation of NY Heroes. The site also contains essays by Dr. Bernstein and other authors on heroism, achievement, and capitalism, as well as the latest scoop on Dr. Bernstein's upcoming books.

Forgotten Delights
Where has all the good art gone? Come see! Dr. Dianne Durante, Art Historian, is working on a series of books titled "Forgotten Delights". Visit this site to find out about the esthetic treasures you may have missed in your explorations of art.

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